Bálint and Partner Architect Office: architecture and professionality

Bálint and Partner Architect Office is a Hungarian company with several decades' experience, led by General Manager Imre Bàlint, Ybl Miklós Award winning architect, who is the current president of the Budapest Chamber of Architects. In addition to designing public and residential buildings, the office is specialised in urban planning and rehabilitation. Thanks to this approach, the architect office designs buildings that not only enrich our closer surroundings with special architectural solutions, but also perfectly fit into their wider environment.  

Designing Duna Terasz Premium started with studying the area. This is how the concept of the U-shaped terrace house, open towards the bay, evolved, which stands out of the surrounding houses with its captivating and unique outlines. It was an important priority to create well-usable interiors suiting the lifestyle of future residents. Each apartment is fitted with a balcony or terrace, which greatly increases the use value of the apartments here by the Danube bank in the hot summer months.


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Duna Terasz Premium is under development near Foka Bay, a popular part of Budapest’s District XIII. The surroundings have vast green areas, yacht marina and promenade on the Danube bank. The roomy spaces, the huge panorama terraces and the construction quality and technical specifications makes this project a unique leading residential project in Budapest. It is also a great choice for investment purposes as the Danube bank apartments are of high demand and usually generates excellent yield for their owners.

Floor9 322Apartments
Rooms1-5 Size31-125

A couple of finishes and the inner garden is finished

About a month ago, we were told about the beginning of the construction of inner park that turned into a beautiful green oasis in the past.

The playground is already in place, the decorating boom is in the process, the garden is slowly ready and awaits the residents as beautifully as possible.

If you would like to see more pictures of the inner park, click on the following link: