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Colas-Bayer Zrt. (’Colas-Bayer Co Ltd’) was established in the cooperation of Hungary’s two leading construction industry companies. Colas Group (including Colas Hungária Építőipari ZRT. /’Colas Hungária Construction Industry Co Ltd’) is worldleader in road, railroad, water and air transport construction, urban development and in environmental investments. Bayer Construct Zrt. (’Bayer Construct Co Ltd’) is primarily involved in general construction and structural and civil engineering. Among others, it did the structural works in Duna Terasz Apartments, our phase I. Both members of the group have vast experience, thus supplementing each other efficiently in general construction projects.



Their references include countless residential, office and public buildings as well as public areas and motorways, and the experience gained during the construction of the former guarantees that the flats in Duna Terasz Premium will be constructed in excellent quality. Their most important accomplishments include the complete renovation of Four Seasons Gresham Palace Hotel and the implementation of the surface construction works of Arena Plaza Shopping Mall, North Pest Embankment Promenade and underground line 4.


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Duna Terasz Premium is under development near Foka Bay, a popular part of Budapest’s District XIII. The surroundings have vast green areas, yacht marina and promenade on the Danube bank. The roomy spaces, the huge panorama terraces and the construction quality and technical specifications makes this project a unique leading residential project in Budapest. It is also a great choice for investment purposes as the Danube bank apartments are of high demand and usually generates excellent yield for their owners.

Floor9 322Apartments
Rooms1-5 Size31-125