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A spherical panorama has been created of Duna Terrace Premium, which shows you all that you can find in our surroundings

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Duna Terasz Premium is under development near Foka Bay, a popular part of Budapest’s District XIII. The surroundings have vast green areas, yacht marina and promenade on the Danube bank. The roomy spaces, the huge panorama terraces and the construction quality and technical specifications makes this project a unique leading residential project in Budapest. It is also a great choice for investment purposes as the Danube bank apartments are of high demand and usually generates excellent yield for their owners.

Floor9 322Apartments
Rooms1-5 Size31-125

We have great news: technical hand over have begun!

Construction of Duna Terasz Premium have achieved an important milestone, the first customers were technically handed over their purchased properties.

Our colleague will contact with the owners of completed homes and shops, and she will also inform our customers about the details of hand over.

The official and exact date of the hand over will always be sent by e-mail.