Frequently asked questions

We would like to help you get informed. Take a look at some questions and answers that our customers often ask us and that could be useful to you when you buy your flat.

When will the building be handed over? Answer Answer

We plan to have the technical handover in February 2019.

Is the kitchen furniture included in the price? Answer Answer

Yes, the bottom and upper furniture units, the ceramic cooktop, the oven and the extractor fan are standard equipment in the flats. The dishwasher is not part of the standard equipment; only its fittings are installed.

Is it compulsory to buy a parking place? Answer Answer

The parking places and storage rooms are optional; they are not compulsory to buy.

How much is the lawyer's fee? Answer Answer

The lawyer's fee is paid by the Seller. (except any subsequent amendment of contract subject to customer request)

How much will the duty be on my flat, garage and storage room? Answer Answer

The general duty is 4% for the flat, the parking place and also for the storage room. In case of newly built flats with a sale price under HUF 30 million, the duty is only payable after the part of the purchase price exceeding HUF 15 million.

What extra costs can I expect as a foreigner? Answer Answer

If you are a citizen of a member state of the European Union, the extra cost is HUF 0. Citizens of countries outside the European Union have to apply for permission from the Governmental Office of Budapest. The duty payable for this permission is HUF 50,000/property and any related procedural and lawyer’ fees

What services will be offered in the terrace house? Answer Answer

24-hour security guarding and camera monitoring system, caretaker, cleaning.

Will there be services in the building that increase the common charges? Answer Answer

There will be no extra services (pool, reception service, fitness). We endeavour to plan only the most necessary items in the building that do not increase the common charges.

Who can use the inner park? Answer Answer

The tended inner park of 2,500 m2 will be closed. It will only be accessible for the residents and their guests.

What VAT rate applies to the flats? Answer Answer

Based on the laws in effect, the VAT rate of 5% will apply to the flats until the end of 2019.

Is it possible to move walls in my flat? Answer Answer

Until a certain phase of the construction work, the walls can be moved freely if nothing prevents it (e.g. structural walls and collecting pipes cannot be moved).

How many levels does the underground garage have? Answer Answer

We place our garages on two levels: on level -1 and on ground level. The storage rooms are also located on level -1 next to the lifts.


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Duna Terasz Premium is under development near Foka Bay, a popular part of Budapest’s District XIII. The surroundings have vast green areas, yacht marina and promenade on the Danube bank. The roomy spaces, the huge panorama terraces and the construction quality and technical specifications makes this project a unique leading residential project in Budapest. It is also a great choice for investment purposes as the Danube bank apartments are of high demand and usually generates excellent yield for their owners.

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