Duna Terasz Residential Area

Reviving Residentail Quarter on the Riverside of the Danube in Vizafogó

More than 10 years ago began the construction of one of the most popular residential quarters where the city and the riverside of the Danube in Pest meet. The Duna Terasz residential quarter is surrounded by Cserhalom St., Turóc St., Úszódaru St., Kelén St. és Danubius St.

The first 362 apartments of the residential community were finished in 2009. After that the Duna Terasz Premium terrace house joined its predecessor last year. Duna Terasz Grande is being built adjacent to the foregoing buildings in the central section. Thanks to the location of this group of buildings, this complex will become the center of the Duna Terasz Residential Quarter to which further four residential blocks will be added to make it a whole.

The residents of homes built in a quarter that has the best air quality can take short walks to the riverside where they can relax, whilst they are able to enjoy the convenience of city life if taking a few stops by subway.

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