Duna Terasz Vista

Brownfield information

The area of the Duna Terrace Vista has been granted the classification of the brownfield action zone, thus the 5% VAT payable on the apartments built here can be reclaimed by purchasers who meet the legal requirements as non-refundable subsidy in accordance with the provisions of Government Decree No. 444/2021 (VII. 23) (hereinafter: 'Decree'). The amount of the subsidy is equal to the amount of the 5% VAT paid according to the invoice or invoices issued for the purchase of the apartment.

Preconditions to apply for the subsidy

Pursuant to the Decree, those persons may apply for the subsidy, who:

  • have Hungarian citizenship,
  • or exercise the right of free movement and residence in Hungary for more than three months, or
  • are third-country nationals with immigrant or has settled status, or
  • have stateless status.

The preconditions for applying for the subsidy include that, at the time the application for the subsidy is submitted, the applicant has no public debts registered with the National Tax and Customs Administration, the apartment is registered as an apartment in the Real Estate Register or the applicant's title is registered in the Real Estate Register.

If the applicant acquires title share of the apartment through the purchase, the applicant may apply for the subsidy in proportion to his/her title share. More information on the Hungarian Treasury’s website.

This information is for information purposes only and the Seller is not responsible for any changes in legislation or other technical changes to the application process.

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