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You already have your preference but insufficient funds?

Duna Terasz Grande and its financial partner, OTP Bank provides customized offers and free convenience services with their customers.

If you need a loan or mortgage, OTP Bank SmartBank will help!

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Why is SmartBank so helpful to you?

To collect information regarding loans and to find the best solution requires time. For this, however, you will not need to see anyone at any bank office, because you can use SmartBank or make an appointment at the local office of Duna Terasz Grande.

Meanwhile our sales consultants can answer all your questions, you can fill in the necessary forms. Once completed, the forms will be forwarded to the bank office that will keep you updated on the progress of the loan request and other things to do.

The customers of Duna Terasz Grande might as well have significant interest and other fee benefits based on the amount of the loan, their income wire transferred to the bank, as well as other discounts and custom features.

How can you get access to SmartBank services?

It is simple: just request for a call on our website, so our sales team will make contact with you, asking some questions. If you meet the basic requirements, you can arrange an appointment. After that there is only thing to do: be on time at the right place.

The information is incomplete and is not regarded an offer. For further information, terms and conditions, please make contact with our sales consultants or read our business policy and announcements on the following website:

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