Duna Terasz Vista

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We have been active in the Hungarian real estate market for almost 15 years as the developer of Duna Terrace residential complexes, focusing on the 13th district of Budapest. During this time, the Duna Terasz residential area has been developed, with the latest flagship being Duna Terasz Vista. Our approach is based on a thorough design phase, focused on the latest needs of the buyers and the quality of life that the apartments offer. During the construction phase, we consciously focus on quality. We have extensive experience in coordinating the various sectors (design, banking, general contracting, technical control, regulatory) that are essential to the success of a residential project. We are grateful to our customers, many of whom have repeatedly placed their trust in us.

What can you expect if you join us?

  • Extensive development experience
  • The security of a stable financial background
  • Quality guaranteed by independent technical inspection
  • Customer-centric sales approach

Our successes in numbers

Residential park
Flats built
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Planned residential complex
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sqm managed green area


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