The flat of the month is a real family home!

Are you looking for a flat where each family member can have his/her own realm? Our A404 flat may be an ideal solution for families even with three children. Get more detailed information about the flat of the month with a sale price of 66,400,000 HU

We have some arguments why our A404 flat would be an excellent home for you:

  • -its large living-room is an ideal meeting-point for the whole family
  • -in its spacious kitchen, a festive dinner can be prepared comfortably
  • -its two bathrooms make the mornings easier
  • -the parents’ bedroom has its own bathroom

Advantageous location for families:

  • -the Danube bank, next to which a well-tended promenade is available for children and adults alike, is near
  • -it has its own 2,500m2 inner park and playground to help recreation
  • -Margitsziget (Margaret Island) and Népsziget (People’s Island) are near
  • -Duna Plaza, where you can find everything that is necessary for the everyday life of the family, is within easy reach



Find the special apartment
that suits You with ease.

Duna Terasz Premium is under development near Foka Bay, a popular part of Budapest’s District XIII. The surroundings have vast green areas, yacht marina and promenade on the Danube bank. The roomy spaces, the huge panorama terraces and the construction quality and technical specifications makes this project a unique leading residential project in Budapest. It is also a great choice for investment purposes as the Danube bank apartments are of high demand and usually generates excellent yield for their owners.

Floor9 322Apartments
Rooms1-5 Size31-125

Negotiations have started about the interior design of the flats.

Have you imagined what your new home will be like? Would you like a special home that matches you?

The customer service staff of the contractor will help you select the coverings and colours so that your home will reflect your taste in the end.

We offer you the following choice and possibilities of modification:

In the case of coverings, inner doors, kitchen furniture and kitchen appliances, you will have the opportunity to select colours and makes from the standard assortment.

There is the possibility to diverge from the standard design with a wide choice of materials and colours.

If you are still only considering buying something in Duna Terasz Premium, it is worth making haste. The possibility of choice or modification is only provided up to a certain level of completeness of construction.